Online Violin/Fiddle Lessons

I want to present another option for learning the violin.Online Violin/fiddle lessons. Learning the Irish fiddle or violin via online lessons is still no substitute for real time lessons. Skype is the next best. But for those who feel they can benefit from online violin/fiddle lessons, it is definitely the most economical.

So who can best benefit from Violin/fiddle lessons online?Those who are motivated. Those who are disciplined and feel they can work on their own.

How does Online violin/fiddle lessons work?

For the Irish fiddle style, I will have videos focusing on the particular characteristics of a style such as the Sligo style,with each online fiddle lesson zeroing in on ONE aspect of that style. You, the learner will then master that particulr point of that online violin lesson by going over that video as many times as you want.

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