Kinds of Violins

There are many kinds of violins from the really inexpensive to the most expensive which today is referred to as the king of violins: the Stradivari.

Also violins also come in 7 different sizes from the smallest,1/16th for young children to the full sized, 4/4 th for adults.There are also electric violins which are popular among players in bands. But the good news for all is that you do not have to break the bank to buy a violin.


The electric violin is a violin that makes use of an electronic sound output such as an amplifier. The electric violin is a kind of violin that is much more suited to those who play in bands rather than orchestras and has a sharper sound then the acoustic violin which is a term used sometimes by guitarists to describe a non-electric violin.

Although there are only 2 types of violin: "acoustic and electric, the former is classified by the time in which it was made. For the purpose of a basic understanding there are 3 different classifications of violin: baroque, classical and fiddle.

The baroque violin (late sixteenth century and early eighteenth century) is the oldest and is known by its shallower angle and neck. These violins do not have a chin or shoulder rest and the strings are strung with gut to equal tensions.

The classical violin and fiddle are known by their thicker necks and smaller heels and generally have a chin rest. The classical violin and fiddle are played much more extensively than the baroque violin which is used among specialists of music of the Baroque period.

Violins are also classified by their maker or country of origin. The most expensive of these violin types is the Antonio Stradivari from Italy which can cost up to several million dollars. Since the time of Stradivari many kinds of violins have been made in Europe most notably France Germany and England; and in the past fifteen years the United States has become recognized as being a leader in the violin making world of high level quality instruments.

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